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WarcraftGoldReview offers WOW gold reviews and lists the best places to buy WOW gold. I have investigated a lot of companies that sell in game currency and I have ranked the top WOW gold sites below. Please click on the wow gold review links to see more information about any of these wow gold sellers. I do not think you will find better companies to buy game currency, powerleveling or other services for World of Warcraft. If you have feedback you wish to provide or if you want to recommend a site please email me.

News: The next WOW expansion Legion is to be released on August 30, 2016. Tokens are in the game and you can now buy tokens with gold to get game time cheaper than if you were to just buy a subcription.

Top 3 World of Warcraft Gold Sites:

Comparison of features for the Top 4 WOW gold sites.

WOW Gold Site Rank
Our WOW Gold Reviews
BankofWOW review
EpicToon Review
Guy4Game Review
Buy from them
*Sample price(Apr 20th 2017)
There is a higher price point if you want 1-30 min deliver if they have the gold in stock.

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Alliance 100,000g
Alliance 500,000g
Alliance 1,000,000g
Horde 100,000g
Horde 500,000g
Horde 1,000,000g
24/7 Service
Speed of Delivery
Within 24 hrs
1-48 hrs, also if they have it in stock you have the option to pay a slightly higher price and get delivery within 1-30 minutes.
***6 hour Guarantee
Customer Can Buy
Power Leveling
Customer Can Sell
Site Options
Low Price Guarantee
Live Chat
Phone Support
eMail Support
FAQ Section
Order Tracking
Payment Options
Credit Card
Money Bookers
* Gold prices are averaged from the following servers: Lightning's Blade

** BankofWOW checks prices every 30 minutes against companies they consider to be reputable and adjusts their prices to be the lowest, this does not mean they are 'always cheapest' as they state on their site but the price often is the best you will find. I often find EpicToon has a lower price so it must not be one of the sites bankofwow checks against. *** Delivery time can increase depending on amount of wow gold ordered and supply available server.


Patch 7.2 is about to be released: The Tomb of Sargeras!

This patch will bring lot of goodies to WOW with lots of new quest lines and dungeons.

About Warcraft Gold Review

I highly recommend using any of the above companies to buy WOW gold. If price is your main concern, then I recommend using BANKofWOW as they usual have the best prices you will find. Guy4Game is very close in price to BankofWOW but it offers a lot of specialized services such as powerleveling services for honor, gear, reputation, skill, attunements and much more. Guy4game offers services I have never seen any other World of Warcraft gold selling company offer.

As I have already stated I highly recommend using the above for the best places to buy wow gold. You will not find better WOW gold sites on the Internet for buying World of Warcraft gold or powerleveling.

Now for the bad companies, there are a lot of them so be carefull what company you use.

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